lionessheart’s Locker


   こんにちは、 the name’s Jess 

orpheus™ | minus portfolio |

hello. Please call me Jess. I’m new to Cafe Poster so please kindly look after me. anyway, Nice to meet you all indonesian peeps! let’s talk to each other.

my forte is dark posters, but i can do the bright ones if you want me to. about me : i am mostly active on aff, i have my solo shop and currently working for other shops as well. i am indonesian too btw. most comfortable speaking english but i won’t hesitate to speak indo too! bottom line ; salam kenal ! 。 


11 respons untuk ‘lionessheart’s Locker

  1. WHOAAA!!
    Cafe Poster is so lucky, like seriously….lionessheart?
    Open your minus is a must to me! You are my inspiration, but my artwork never looks same even close like you. You are a masterpiece!

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