SpringSabila’s Locker

He Is22... Peterpan copy Unpredictable Love Black Coffee Love is Blind Love is Blind2 My Endless Love jjjj copy jjjja copy Pil Outsiders chapter 22 oppa nappa blm dikasih judul copy We were In Love copy Untitled-1 copy Money or Love Untitled-a1 copy Ma Boy copy 8 Return by flawlesstar Bodyguard and the Prince(ss) Almost by ViRadita_2 A Doubt About Love by Summersunshine The Game of Life by XOXOHEE_2 I Just Your Fangirl by Flawlesstar White Occasion copy3 My Pervert Boy Obsession (Second Story of Peterpan and Wendy) RJ Everything Has Changed_2 Mr. Headstone copy The Moment Falling Love with a Rich Man copy Black Pearl by Ann Nacha My Shining Lady for Yoon Ji Hyun by SpringSabila God Plan for Ann Nacha by SpringSabila Gangster for SimbaDeer by SpringSabila Hocus Pocus for Seorara by SpringSabila Run for Amml17 by SpringSabila Journey for Audrey Huang by SpringSabila Mermaid for Simbadeer307 by SpringSabila I'm Falling in Love for SimbaDeer307 by SpringSabila Saranghae Oppa for SimbaDeer307 by SpringSabila Every Little Thing for ideaFina by SpringSabila Truth or Dare for Queen's Pinky by SpringSabila Not Alone for Selviakim by SpringSabila A Warm and Cold Hatred for Chiquitajuveniles by SpringSabila 2nd vers Cannibal for Axelle Han by SpringSabila Rainbow Love for anshaaaaaa by SpringSabila revisi You for WuwuTaeyeon by SpringSabila Anniversary for anshaaaaaa by SpringSabila Popcorn's Problem for scarlettkid by SpringSabila Side Job for h-ipsteric by SpringSabila The Moribund for Hyunfayoungie & Jalilfunny by SpringSabila Close to You for Xyoblue by SpringSabila Love Unifier for Inia Ran by SpringSabila Just Give Me a Reason for anshaaaaaa by SpringSabila 2nd vers


4 respons untuk ‘SpringSabila’s Locker

    1. Actually, I usually use stock images than textures. You can find them on weheartit (I suggest you to download them from heartsswell and _evey) and also from deviantart (carllton, evey-v, etc). Those sites provide a lot of stock packs. And for the textures, I got from evey_v, krypteriahg, carllton, and many users from deviantart.

      If you want to make a sad themed poster, don’t assume that you must to use sad themed texture too. You can combine all textures as long as they are appropriate with the theme. It’s better if you also experiment with the colorings.

      I hope it can help you. Just ask me if you have questions. Anyway, nice to meet you! 😉

  1. Haloo, cuman mau mengingatkan. Bisa enggak ya poster nya memakai ‘miniatur’ aja? Biar enggak terlalu besar juga. Soalnya bARTender lain kan sudah disamakan 🙂

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